12000 oxygen generator the equipment description

12000 oxygen generator the equipment description
12000 oxygen generator the equipment description
  1. Air compressor  3MSGEP-16/15  COOPER(USA)
  2. Nitrogen compressor  3TYS89+2TYS60
  3. Oxygen compressor  3TYS89+2TYS60
  4. air separator  KDON-12000/10000-400
5.1#2#Crude argon pump  3405956-119AE
6.Nitrogen water precooling system  UD-36700/5.2
7 .1# Expansion machine TPZ17
  1. 2#Expansion machine TPZ17
  2. Nitrogen spherical tank / Argon spherical tank  LPE20.18-00
  3. Travelling crane  YZR280S
  4. Liquid vaporization system HLD10000
12Buscouple Receiving switch cabinet MT-3200/3P
13.1#Receiving switch cabinet MT-3200/3P
14.2#Receiving switch cabinet MT-3200/3P
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