6500 oxygen generator the equipment description

6500 oxygen generator the equipment description
6500 oxygen generator the equipment description
  1. Air compressor   5TYD160
  2. Nitrogen compressor   2CII45MX3N2EXT
  3. Oxygen compressor  3TYD78+2TYD56
  4. air separator  KDON-6500/9500
  5. Nitrogen water precooling system  UD-36700/5.2
  6. 1# Expansion machine   TPZ17
  7. 2#Expansion machine    TPZ17
8.1#Molecular sieve purification system  HXK-36000/5.0
9.2#Molecular sieve purification system  HXK-36000/5.0
10.1#Crude argon pump  TC3P
11.2#Crude argon pump  TC3P
12.Nitrogen spherical tank  78195KG
13.The oxygen spherical tanks   SD9200
14.Liquid oxygen storage tank    CF050N07001
15.Liquid argon storage tank   CF100B07003
16.Argon spherical tank  18340KG  2.0mpa
17. Travelling crane   QD-25/5T
18.Buscouple Receiving switch cabinet   MT-2500/3P
19.1#Receiving switch cabinet   MT-2500/3P
20.2#Receiving switch cabinet   MT-2500/3P
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