6000 oxygen generator product line

6000 oxygen generator product line
1.(6202LC)air cleaning system main device
2.HXK-36000/5.5purification system
FON-6500/6500 fractionating  tower system
4.nitrogen compressor system
5.(6402LC) air compressor system
6.air separator electrical contro
Description Review
Main device
  1. (6202LC)air cleaning system main device
 include: self_cleaning air filter output:72000Nm3/h、air compressor unit  output:36000m3/h 0.55Mpa、water cooling tower、centrifuge water pump、 water filter、pneumatic diaphragm control valve、Double-clip  check valves、ball valves、butterfly valves、shut valves
  1. HXK-36000/5.5purification system
 include: heat exchanger、filter、top tower、bottom tower、every kind valves。
  1. FON-6500/6500 fractionating  tower system
include:every kind valves
  1. nitrogen compressor system
 include : main body 、motors、exchangers、every kind valves、buffer、lubrication system
  1. (6402LC) air compressor system
 include:ZW-65/30 air compressor 、low pressure buffer、shut-off valves 
6.air separator electrical control system include:air temperature inspection、computer、water resistant cubicle、water resistant cubicle、Beside the machine control box、low voltage control cubicle、high voltage control cubicle、background computer、DC current、PLC cubicle。

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