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Company History

Huayi yun(HYY) Group is currently composed of Hebei Huaye Energy Saving Technology Co., LTD., Hebei Qiyou Yuncang E-commerce Co., LTD., Handan Zhongyi Electronic Technology Co., LTD., which is located in Handan High-tech Development Zone. It is a scientific and technological enterprise group committed to the sales of industrial products, the production and manufacturing of electrical automation equipment, energy-saving equipment and turnkey projects of gas, coal and biomass power plants. In terms of product sales, the group is the agent of Siemens, Jiangyin Zhonghe and various brands of electrical automation products. The group has the production license of low-voltage switchboard cabinet, can provide customers with GGD\GCK\MNS\JXF series of power distribution control equipment, and also provide industrial automation and inverter control system based on PLC and inverter. In the field of power generation, the group member Huayi Company research and development of [energy saving and anti-corrosion air preheater] has won the national patent. It completely solves the corrosion problem of the air preheater of the gas-fired boiler of thermal power generation, and can greatly reduce the smoke exhaust temperature, energy saving and environmental protection. With this patented technology, the company jointly with professional design institutes to undertake 3~55MW high-efficiency thermal power generation projects, from project evaluation, construction drawing design to complete sets of equipment, installation and commissioning until power generation operation, to provide turnkey projects for customers.

In 1999Participated in the construction of GUNNUNG Company Power Plant project in Machen, Kalimantan, India

In 2005— Handan Zhongyi Electronic Technology Co., LTD was established


In 2008— Become Siemens special authorized Level 1 dealer


In 2008— Hebei Huaye Energy Saving Technology Co., LTD was established


In 2009- Developed SRT efficient power generation technology and obtained national patent


In 2014- Research and development of [energy saving and anti-corrosion type air preheater], obtained the national patent


In 2017—Hebei Qiyou Yuncang E-commerce Co., LTD was established


In2018—[Qiyou Yuncang] idle industrial resource sharing platform was


In 2019—Become the secretary-general unit of [Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce] [Professional Committee of Integration and sharing of idle resources]


In 2020—Organized the establishment of the Strategic Alliance for Industrial Technology Innovation of Idle Resources and served as the chairman unit


In 2021—The energy-saving and anticorrosive air preheater developed for power generation industry won the third prize of Hebei Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition again