17stands screw bar Rolling Mill

17stands screw bar Rolling Mill  include all main devices
The owner want to transfer it at the low price.
source of supply : china
Description Review
17stands screw bar Rolling Mill include following device:
  1. Rough mill 7stands :   two high 550  3stands ( matched DC motor 618KW 3sets)
    two high 450  4stands  (matched DC motor 822KW 1set 1100KW 1set)
    Double- edged disc scissors  1set
  2. Intermediate  mill 8 stands:  two high 365 4stands ( matched DC motor 618KW 2sets) three dragged by one
    two high 400 4stands ( matched DC motor 822KW 2sets) three dragged By one
  3. Finished mill Two high two stands 320 ( matched DC motor 618KW 2sets)
      Double- edged disc scissors  1set  ( matched DC motor ZFQZ315KW)
      Pinch roll  4sets
  4. 4 channel Walking beam Cooler  72mX9m
  5. 400T Cold scissors         1set
  6. Chain_type collecting table  2sets
  7. Electrical part : Drive transformer  1000KVA   3 sets
    Rectifier Transformer 5000kVA   1set
    Rectifier Transformer 6300kVA   1set
    High low  voltage and DC control cubical

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