100T ultrahigh electric arc furnace ,R8M four machines and four streams continuous casting machine.
一、100T ultrahigh electric arc furnace ,transformer rated capacity 90MVA.

Main technical reference :
Max delivery:120MT/Y
Delivery type:EBT
Transformer  voltage regulation type:on_load
Furnace cover:high position charging system.
Hot metal charging:Strengthen with oxygen
Electrode pole:constant impedance
Multi_term import products :
  1.multi_function oxygen lance.
  1. Transformer on_load switch use MR
  2. Electrode pole regulation (Siemens brand)
  3. High 、low voltage control devices 、PLCVVVF (Siemens brand)
  4. Hydraulic system and transducer  (Parker brand)
Public auxiliary equipment
  1. water cooling chimney flue
  2. 100t fume exhaust heat recovery system
  3. Electric furnace cooling water system
  4. 35kv dynamic reactive power compensation equipment cable
  5. Vehicle,discharging car ,material basket and lifting device.
  6. Power conducting arm,water cooling cable and key devices.
二、R8M four machines and four streams products fracture surface:150×150mm2160×220 mm2165×280 mm2180×280 mm2length:2.9M-12M70million tons/year6M cold bed and 12m cold bed                   
三、another spare parts
1、1set 30t electric furnace
2、1set 50t refined furnace
3、30t 50t double bridges crane15-80t,electric vehicle and public facility.
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