TRT Details of whole set equipment and steel structure of blast furnace for sale

TRT Details of whole set equipment and steel structure of blast furnace for sale
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Details of whole set equipment and steel structure of blast furnace for sale
equipment name type
Water supply and drainage system  
electric butterfly valve HD944P-2.5DN1200
Electrical instrument automation system  
Pulverized coal explosion-proof bag type dust collector PBPPCS128-2*6
bleeder valve FS746H-2DN400
Micropowered dust collector HMC-II
2# Dedusting cover for furnace outlet 2 # furnace
Accurate measurement and intelligent early warning system of temperature difference heat load of blast furnace cooling water V1.0
Double preheating heat exchanger for blast furnace flue gas, air and gas SYR580HRQ
2# heat exchanger pipeline 2 # furnace
Intelligent controlled combustion instrument system for hot blast furnace no. 2 ZNSLU -16
2# blast furnace dedusting field  
blast furnace proper  
power cable  
electric instrument  
combustion fan SN9-19-11NO9D
Blast furnace subtrough system  
crown block  
electric hoist  
hydraulic pressure station  
530m3 blast furnace gas automatic ash removal pulse bag filter  
Top feeder support  
 power transformer S9-1600
nitrogen container 10m3
Compressed air pack 0.23m3
steam pockets 0.5m3
direct current cabinet GZDW-100/220
Pneumatic piston quick - cut valve ZSPQ-40KDN150
cooling wall  
Humidify and unload the aircraft HSW-30
Star discharge device YGD300*300
electric butterfly valve HD944P-1.5DN800
DLVD HF9T43X-1.5DN800
DLVD HF9744X-2.5DN1200
DLVD HF9744X-2.5DN1800
electric butterfly valve HD944P-2.5DN1800
Top pumping device Rd2801 1.6Mpa,0.55kwRd2801
belt conveyor SJ2-1
belt conveyor SK2-1
belt conveyor K2-2
belt conveyor K2-1
Blast furnace measuring device  
Coke vibrating screen and gate LHBXBSFJ135*300-I
Sintering feeder, vibrating screen and gate LHBXBSFJ125*280-ILHBRZG90*90F-II
Pellet shaker and gate LHBXBSFJ125*280-I
Coke ding vibrating screen and gate LHBXBSFJ105*260-II
Mixed ore feeder and gate LHBRZG80*185-II
High voltage switchgear and accessories for main control building  
Instrument automation transmission equipment  
dust-collecting fan LCMG-3500*2
Gas automatic ash removal pulse bag filter  
low voltage switchgear cabinet  
low voltage switch box  
GDTA DN1800,L=800△L=150
GDTA DN1200,L=800,△L=160
GDTA DN800,L=800,△L=150
hot blast heater  
tuyere small sleeve 115*360斜3度
tuyere small sleeve 620*350
Blast furnace trench dust removal system XLCM5500m² long bag low pressure pulse bag filter
Blast furnace gas pressure regulating valve set and matching silencer 1800TYFZ-2.5CRF-CMX-1S
Automatic dedusting system of 530m3 blast furnace gas, pulse bagging and dedusting  
Tank hydraulic station  
Hydraulic station in front of the furnace  
Hydraulic clay gun KD100(two sides )
The hanging and tensioning device of the peripheral pipe of the 530 blast furnace  
Ionizing radiation material level meter and probe LWJ-87
Double beam bridge crane QD16T-28m
A complete set of blast furnace air supply device  
bend pulley B=1000400#
transmission drum B=1000842#
Even pressure release valve QP742DN300
pressure equalizing valve QP742DN200
Secondary pressure equalizing valve DN200
bleeder valve FS743Y-2.5CDN550
gas release valve FS746PH-2DN200
Brake valve and electric winch 19Y48Y-2.5DN2150
Charging device for 530 vertical blast furnace  
Hydraulic opening machine KD-IIA(GXTA型)
Bell-less top of Blast furnace  
J5 belt conveyor  
Q2 belt conveyor  
S3 belt conveyor  
2# blast furnace body, surrounding tube above 6 with furnace shell  
exhaust system  
No. 2 blast furnace trench dust removal  
No. 2 blast furnace top equalizing gas recovery device  
blast blower AV45-12
Blast furnace accessor-blower system compensator batch SDF6-1000-2000
Blast furnace accessories - blower system - pressure regulating valve set, valves non-standard
Blast furnace accessory - blower system - self - cleaning air filter non-standard
Blast furnace accessory - blower system - motor AV45
Blast furnace accessory - blower system steel structure
2# Dedusting cover for furnace outlet iron mill
2# heat exchanger pipeline iron mill
pipeline iron mill
2#、3# blast furnace dust connection pipeline iron mill
steel platform iron mill
Pipe brackets and platforms iron mill